Friday, January 30, 2009

Now, for something completely different...

So the baby iguana and the kitten have acclimated to each other quite well in the house. The kitten knows to stay away from the iguana's tail and venomous spit up (which has been known to melt every material known to man) and the baby iguana just does her thing.

Recently, the baby iguana started picking up some of Kanu's toys. Well, Kanu didn't take too well to this, so he started showing his contempt with the iguana. The iguana, of course won this battle.

Just to prove that I'm taking some pictures other than that of the cat and baby, here are two of the paper whites I had growing in the kitchen for a while.


Lisa B said...

Love LOVE love's been too long, I enjoy watching this Iguana story unfold!

solitary kitsch said...

Nothing wrong with cat and baby pics, man.

Ah, poor Kanu...having to learn the new order of life :)